8 Tips for Parents Who Want to Manage Their Child’s Exam Stress

No matter which study board you belong to, the stress is real! Board exams can be a nerve-wracking time-both for students, as well as their parents. But guardians can ease some of the stress and pressure by not being so demanding and reminding them it’s just another exam that they need to pass through! [reference: Reduce Exam Stress]

Here are some things that parents can do to lower the anxiety associated with such exams:


  1. Sit with them and etch out a study timetable. Come up with a strategy to ensure that they are able to cover all topics a month before the boards. Tell that you will be there for them all the way. Remind them that you believe in them!

  2. Don’t forget that they need a balanced daily routine. When the exam dates approach nearer, they might start skipping meals, sleeping late and be at their desk all day. Encourage them to exercise and remind them that nothing is more important than their mental and physical well-being.

  3. Some kids might be master procrastinators. They might keep putting off and watch TV or be glued to their phone screens instead. Here, it’s important that demarcate a time for entertainment. Let them know that too much screen time will tire their eyes and brain out!

  4. Children should also mingle with family and friends because isolation will not do them any good. So encourage them to walk out of their study rooms for a chat with you! 

  5. Ask for updates regularly so that know that you care. At the same time, ask questions about their day!

  6. Don’t compare them with other kids. Remind them that they are their biggest competition instead. Motivate them to get more marks than they got in the previous semester.

  7. Children might start eating unhealthy junk food when they study for long hours. After all, studying might get a bit tedious after some time! So make sure that you have healthy snacks for them.

  8. Hire tutors or opt for personalized online guidance from Indian tutors if your child is stuck on a topic. This will help them to finish the syllabus in no time. 

Exams can be extremely tasking on children. They need your support during this time. So be there for them and they will come out of it with flying colors!

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